3x revenue in 6 months

Quadrupled open rates to 70%

Guerrilla marketing caused 300% user growth


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What we learned at 500:

  • Being tactical and focused when attacking a market: segmentation of leads, customization of the messages (writing mass contextual emails)

  • Practicing good sales hygiene and implementing strategies for nurturing and developing cold leads

  • Balancing senior and junior hires. Refining our hiring criteria led us to make two key hires to expand sales team. As result, we saw improved team productivity and increased revenue.

  • Testing with new customer segments. Strategic experimentation led us to identify an exciting new vertical with great potential… we closed our first deal in 3 weeks.

  • Qualifying investors and customers. Learning how to be deliberate with our selection and segmentation led to more productive meetings and increased sales.

Highlights & Take-Aways

70% opens


3x revenue



300% growth

2 hires


Jane Wang, CEO, Co-Founder

The founders in our batch were stellar, motivated people, and every day we learned from each other. I loved the diversity… so many people from around the world doing so many different things!

Nicholas Raditsis, Director of Business Development, Co-Founder

500’s Accelerator program gave us access to a large pool of experienced mentors that were generous with their time. During workshops, mentors spent 1-on-1 time showing (not just telling) us step by step how to execute growth strategies.

Stephan Massin, CTO, Co-Founder

Shout out to Ryan Williams, Scott Craft, Bernard Huang, Matt Clark, and Mike Sigal! Our rapid pace of growth wouldn't have been possible without 500 Startups!

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