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A genomic software platform to improve cancer treatment outcomes in clinical trials through personalized genetic screening of cancer patients.

A smart, secure pill bottle that helps care providers and payers prevent opioid abuse and addiction.

Treats substance abuse from home to ensure behavior change, reduction in relapse, and cost savings for health insurers.

A mobile health savings account (HSA) with automated investing built for humans.

A mental health platform that reimagines in-person therapy to be more accessible and effective by using data-driven matching to increase engagement and outcomes.

A nurse-based healthcare provider that offers a technology platform with clinical services to help physician practices streamline disease management.

 An online mental health platform focusing in MENA region, that allows patients to be connected with licensed therapists via video visit on mobiles or web.

Enables fever-stricken people to non-invasively diagnose malaria in 25 minutes using a few drops of urine instead of blood.

A personalized virtual health coach for women suffering from chronic illnesses, powered by their own biomarkers.

An online subscription service that helps Brazilians get therapy from certified therapists over audio, text and video on their mobile device.


Allows users to find, book and pay for healthcare services at hospitals in India, and exchange medical records.

A therapist-guided solution to help people improve their attention ability using brainwave training

Accelerate the development, adoption and integration of apps in healthcare.

Digitally connects insurance carriers, brokers, and employers through a platform that automates the quote-to-bind process for mid market employers buying medical, dental, vision, life and DI insurance policies

Health platform that helps companies engage with employees and reduce healthcare costs.

A monitoring and tracking platform that optimizes your wellness and supplement routine.

Reduces preventable drug claims costs for employers through a digital health coaching program

An AI-powered concierge to help employees navigate their healthcare.

A software platform for hospitals to boost revenue from medical tourism.

One stop shop for complete medical care delivered to home for loved ones

On-demand online therapy for stress, anxiety and depression to make mental health care more accessible.

A platform that connects people in emerging markets with medical supplies that are otherwise inaccessible.

Dental care platform to help patients find and finance dental procedures based on transparent price and quality information.

Next generation smart textiles; First product is sensored socks to help nerve-damaged diabetics detect injury.

Clinical trial patient recruitment, engagement, and retention.

The easiest way to send and receive secure, HIPAA compliant email.

Cybersecurity for the digital health revolution, making data access simple and secure.

A platform that provides treatment tools and access to behavioral health professionals.

Real-time data from sensors that allow for continuous patient health monitoring, leading to a reduction in avoidable ER visits and hospitalizations.

Making it easier for people to manage their pills with our smart pill container and mobile app.

Helping health clinics qualify for performance reimbursements by identifying, engaging, and prioritizing at risk patients using our chat bot.

Provides a Regulated IoT and Advanced Analytics SaaS Platform for optimization of Pharma & Biotech manufacturing processes.

Helping hospitals improve the care loop by providing connected tools for early screening of critical brain and heart complications.

Software for existing smart devices that allows those with chronic conditions to track, notify and analyze life changing data like never before.

Platform that helps people with skin conditions get the prescriptions they need immediately (VS avg 29 day wait period today)

Cloud quality management platform that helps companies building life saving products get to market faster.

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