Case Study: Paubox

Learn how B2B startups can mitigate the long sales cycles, high acquisition costs, and high churn that typically plague companies which sell into provider networks.



SEO optimization: rank #1 for over 70 key search terms

2.2% churn (7x better than avg)

Aligned team with company growth strategy and brand

Paubox is the easiest way to send and receive HIPAA compliant email. No portals, no plugins, no extra steps. Just secure email for senders and recipients.



How can a B2B startup survive when selling into provider networks entails long sales cycles, high acquisition costs, and (often times in healthcare) also high churn?

  • Sales to health providers are incrementally more complex than traditional enterprise sales due to concerns related to HIPAA (security & privacy), interoperability, and workflow disruption

  • Selling into small provider networks is risky because they are often, and easily, pressured to abandon their workflows to adopt the infrastructure of larger health systems (due to interoperability concerns, etc.)



  • Implementing proven SEO strategies: worked closely with experienced growth hackers to not only discuss proven SEO strategies from high-level perspective, but also address details and implementation at a granular level (ie. high intent key-words, backlinks, referred video content, etc.)

  • Honing content generation & acquisitions strategy: began working on production of more video content (for higher engagement and branding) and blog content (for leads and user acquisition), and internalized processes for efficient and reliable content generation to increase quality of in-bound leads

  • Leveraging a far-reaching network: mentors and speakers advised regarding the regulatory landscape, made introductions, helped with sales messaging, and more.

  • Defining and accelerating sales process: defined sales and operational processes which increased efficiency, and invested in a longer-term strategy (content generation to encourage in-bound leads) which would yield greater quality leads with lower (hypothetical) sales cycles


SEO optimization: rank #1 for over 70 terms

Before 500, Paubox did decently with SEO - there were ranked #1 for around 20 search terms. However 500 helped them build on their strengths and grow by an order magnitude. As of last month, Paubox ranks #1 for over 70 search terms, and displays within the top 3 results for over 140 terms.

2.2% churn (7x better than avg)

   A Strong NPS score of 72 shows that Paubox is doing the right things within its customer success process. Paubox has had phenomenal success with on-boarding and retaining customers; its 2.2% churn rate is over 7 times better than the industry average. These figures, plus overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, are indicators of strong Product-Market fit. 

Aligned team with company growth strategy

500's frameworks help team-members relate their daily activities to the 2-3 key metrics that matter. Internalization of these processes helped all of Paubox's team-members become cognizant of the overall business strategy, which has helped with team morale and prioritization.

Hoala Greevy,

Co-Founder, CEO

Shoutout to Bernard Huang, our direct point-of-contact. Before 500, we were doing decently with SEO. But due to Bernard's help (he guided us to focus more on high-intent keywords and content generation) and his product ClearScope, we were able to double down on our strengths. 

Rick Kuwahara, Co-Founder, CMO

    The 500 network is very real, and we were able to tap into that to open up a lot of great opportunities for us. Everyone’s always open to helping each other out.

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