Accelerate your health tech startup.

Our growth hacking experts will help your company through the nuances of scaling your company.


We invest $150,000 for 6% in select companies twice per year and charge $37,000 to join our seed program in San Francisco.


The 500 Startups Health Track is part of the 4-month long core accelerator program focused on customer acquisition and fundraising.  We are looking for tech enabled health care startups who have a product in the hands of some customers, but need to scale traction before qualifying for a follow on round.


Remove existing funnel bottlenecks


Our experts help identify bottlenecks in current customer funnels, and how to remove them.

Rapid discovery of new channels


Quickly run micro-experiments to uncover new channels for customer acquisition.

Optimize and double down

Once you find channels that work, our experts help to improve conversions and lower channel costs.

Our team includes experts in SEO, content marketing, Adwords, email marketing, sales funnels, Facebook ads, Youtube - Any channel you want to test, we have an expert on our team to help.


Siren Care

How do B2C health hardware startups prove clinical efficacy and market validation without access to serious cash?


Over $1M in Perks


Reduce your burn and grow faster with the largest collection of freebies and discounts, including health data APIs, HIPAA compliant platforms, and health analytics.

Instant Network


Not only will you have instant camaraderie with your batch-mates, you will gain a network of 3,000+ founders, the #500health network, and access to the top growth experts.

500 Brand Reach

500 Startups has over 1M followers across channels; Facebook, Twitter, email sign-ups, and more, including relationships with the top media outlets for max exposure.


The second focus of the program is to prepare you as a digital health founder for follow on funding, polish your story, and connect you to vertical focused investors who "get you" and your business. 

Storytelling & Pitch Prep


Our team goes over your story and pulls out the highlights to help strengthen your pitch.  Hours of late night pitch prep gets you ready for Demo Day.

Cap Table & Money Management


Our mentors will coach you on how NOT to run out of money, advice on cap table structures, and employee option pools.

Top Investor Exposure

Meet with angels and VCs for office hours, networking social mixers, exclusive Health Preview day, and Demo Day and leverage our extensive network.

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